Anger is a choice, a decision we make in haste, words we toss on the fly before taking a moment to notice there are multiple items on the list… like thinking before the sudden outburst of sound, or holding a mouth filled with hush awaiting logic to rear its head. Everyone who tells you what they would do if they were you don’t really know what they would do if they were them, in all the struggles and battles and goal reaching… JBY… (just be you) You are equipped with everything you need ALREADY…
- AJ Houston


mylifereview asked:

This is random but can you think of at least three things that you have had to say in your adult life that you never thought you would have to say?

elusivelyshani answered:

"I’m NOT in high school.”
“My driver’s license isn’t fake.”
“I’m not underage.”

"Your dick isn’t magic."

"No, you cannot turn me out."

"No, you cannot just try it one time to see if i’ll like it. I know what I like."

"I am old enough to be in this liquor store."

"BEEN there. Tried that. HATED IT!"